Event Schedule


     If our schedule is open and suitable arrangements can be made we will do away events.  If you have an event on an airport or near an airport we can provide an extra calling card for promoting your event.  If we are asked to do an away show we will require a hotel room with two beds, a car for transportation, and 95 cents per mile for the round trip distance from Culpeper Regional Airport (KCJR) in Virginia to the destination airport.  The travel cost may be paid with fuel usage during the event.

     In 2019 we did a number of away shows, including three in Indiana (Hagerstown, Rennselaer, and Portland), one in Ohio (Springfield), and one in Pennsylvania (Waynesburg).  Right now (October 2019) we are looking forward to filling out our schedule for 2020.  Stay tuned!

Below is a photo of Andrew in Miss Marianna flying past Chicago on the way back from the big airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, along with Dewey and his New Standard biplane, July 2019

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