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                      Rides and prices
             Note:  Due to the volatility of fuel prices the prices for rides may change without notice.
                                            Also, prices and ride lengths may differ for special events

The Barnstormer

This is our "normal" ride, it's about 15 minutes long, and is the only ride we will do at special events when there is a line of people wanting to experience a flight in an open cockpit biplane.  Price is $200 for one or two people.

The Sky Ride Special

This is probably our best value, and lasts about 30 minutes, allowing about a 15 mile radius from the airport. Price is $340 for one or two people.

The Lindbergh Hop

If you really like riding in an open cockpit biplane we can offer a one hour flight, allowing a 25 mile radius from the airport, which is the maximum that the FAA allows for biplane rides.  Price is $600 for one or two people.

FAA regulations allow a maximum of 25 miles from the airport of departure, and do not allow landing at another airport during the ride.  Our weight limits for passengers are 275 pounds for one passenger and 375 pounds for two passengers.

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